Flexibility is Key to Social Distance

We are here and ready to assist you now and into the future, we as IT professionals are already setup to work around you as most of our work takes place out of hours while your equipment is not being used. Server updates and patches etc. are all done while the systems are dormant. This allows us the flexibility to complete any new or upgrading works whilst you are not there, implementing social distance but still getting works completed, no extra costs would be added to your bill for out of hours to ensure the works is completed quickly and safely for both you and ourselves with out any additional financial pain for you.

In this current climate of uncertainty the world of IT is becoming ever increasingly important.

From working from home, to keeping the contact going with our families and friends. You may be one of the businesses that is still able to function while the pandemic is happening, but I’m sure either way it will have dramatically changed the way you are able to work and of course the worry you may have with people still coming to work under these conditions.

It is very probable that any office staff you have could work from home with their computer and phone and perform their normal duties, without having the risk of infection. Some of our clients have some staff working from home and some working from the office, allowing social distancing to be followed within the office by creating less of a risk.

Normality is a long way off, this does not prevent us from thinking about now and the future and where we need to be should a second wave occur and staff need to be protected again. We have been supporting our clients both at home and in the office using remote connections and have kept these customers running, which in turn keeps their business running.

The future is of course unknown, if you need help setting up remote working, or want to look to the future and what your business needs are even if this may involve stepping back slightly, we can help you.