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We offer as part of our services, IT support, as a package, both remote and on-site support relevant to you and how you operate. The best deals are over a 12 month contracted period but we can do a rolling monthly contract to suit where you and your business are. Most importantly the flexibility to change and adjust to you is key to your business growing.

Flexible Cloud Services

Our Services Fexible Cloud

As part of our services we can supply, Install and deliver a cloud service that suits your needs, giving you instant access to your data anywhere, with the information taken out in the field instantly accessible on any devices of your choosing. We can offer your own personal cloud, managed at your site giving you full control of all your data or if you prefer, remote cloud options are available.

IP Phone System VoIP

Our Services VOIP

IP calling is gradually taking over and with analogue telephone lines about to become a thing of the past there is no better time to upgrade to our services, taking out the existing office phone system and installing an IP version, offering the flexibility to be at your extension number even if you’re not. Having all the modern features and usage without the expensive plans for the old analogue system. With remote or on site support from us for a new, or existing, system there’s never been a better time to switch. Connectivity is key to a successful business.

Server Installations / Upgrades / Maintenance / Repairs

Our Services Data Racks

From small businesses looking to install their first Server, to larger clients looking to Upgrade as their business expands. We can assess your individual needs and tailor-make a solution for the Hub of your Business. As part of our services we can keep your systems up to date with the latest patches and fixes being installed remotely at the most convenient time to you, minimizing the impact of down time whilst balancing the vulnerabilities of modern day internet living. We are specialists in Linux and Windows based Server environments, using a combination of both if necessary to achieve the optimum environment for your data.

Desktop + Laptop Installation / Upgrades / Maintenance

In this ever changing environment. Desktops, Laptops and even tablets need to be upgraded to meet new demands, whether this means replacing them or just managing upgrades, firmware or patches. We can take the onus from you, ensuring things that need to be completed are done in a timely manner keeping the integrity of your systems.

Network Infrastructure Installation / Maintenance / Repairs

We can design, install and Maintain a new network infrastructure based around your specific needs utilising Cat 5 or 6, fibre and wireless, or simply expand your existing, to allow your network to grow with you. Using our services will keep your network infrastructure solid your data flowing.

Routers, Firewalls and Anti-virus


Connectivity is key but with it comes a vulnerability. We have the knowledge to setup and maintain your systems in such a way that we manage a large portion of the risk of being online, while still allowing enough movement so the business can function. Online threats are real and with every connection there are more risks involved. Using our services can help keep those risks at a minimum and offer great tools, should the worst happen, so your system can be back up and running quickly.

On Site and Remote backups

Backing up your data is the most important part of your everyday IT routine. This enables, in a worse case scenario, us to restore your business to the latest backup, keeping the impact to a minimum for both yourselves and your customers . With our services we can configure systems to keep a back up of business critical data on a daily basis, whilst backing up non critical data at regular intervals depending on your needs. These can be stored both on and off site so you are covered for recovery, keeping your data safe and sound.

Remote Fault Monitoring

Our services can monitor the status of your systems, allowing us to be aware of issues, even before they become a problem to you. We can react and deal with them as they arise, keeping disruption to a minimum. Downtime has an impact on your business, we aim to minimize it.

Bespoke IOT

We can design and build the system you need, don’t be shackled by other suppliers as we have the knowledge to fit the systems to you, rather than you to it.

IP CCTV and Access Control

We can Design, Install and Maintain an IP CCTV and Access/Intercom Control System that fits your needs and integrate into your IT Network giving you full control on or off site without the need for a third party. Ultimately keeping you and your business and your data safe in your hands.

Many more IT Services are available at IT Tech Solutions call us now.

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