So Windows 10 isn’t the last Windows?

It appears that Microsoft may have mislead us all to believe that Windows 10 is the final Windows, with feature updates bringing the latest improvements and changes, we ourselves have told many clients this very statement. Alas it appears to be untrue and to our customers we do apologise even though Microsoft don’t appear to.

Here comes Windows 11, initially they say not much different from windows 10 which leaves the question why? Are they leading onto a Windows 12,13,14 etc etc. Are we to be in this never ending update loop again with Microsoft? To run windows 11 there are many minimum specification requirements which a lot of people wont have so i see initial uptake of this being very slow and limited. Which leads to the question. How long will support on Windows 10 continue? In essence forcing us to upgrade our hardware as well as our software. Apparently Desktop support ends October 2025. That year seems to be very popular in the choice of things ending with PSTN and ISDN lines ending in the same year. Many clients, ours and others, will need to not only look at their hardware in readiness for this pointless Windows upgrade but also if they are still using an analogue phone system will need to be looking at that to.

Investment from developers into bringing their software onto Linux based systems would be a game changer. Many clients who use online software have now switched from Windows to Linux and while initially found it hard to navigate (like swapping from Iphone to Android or vice versa) now would not go back, the speed and responsiveness far outweigh the sluggish over bearing engine of Windows. But of course there are many companies who simply don’t develop there software for Linux and this instantly means that you need Windows. Leaving Microsoft virtually untouched in the PC Market. Imagine a world where there is choice. 

We are here of course to help our clients to navigate the best way forward for them based on there hardware and software. That’s what we do and will continue to do. Microsoft will continue to do what they do.