IT Support and Maintenance

It Support and Maintenance are the key to less downtime. Preventing and spotting issues, then taking action, before they cause you a problem. That’s what we do. Having to solve issues because things aren’t working will leave you potentially reacting in a way that is not measured, then making bad decisions based on the circumstances and the need for functionality. With our eyes on your ball there will be less issues to surprise you as they will be spotted before they cause you a problem. There will always be those times when things happen, but with us on your team the right resolution can be found in the fastest way possible, while you focus on your customers. Get a free quote today for IT Support and Maintenance from IT Tech Solutions.

IT Support and Maintenance your key to less downtime get a free quote today. IT Tech solutions.

Posted by It Tech Solutions on Tuesday, 27 August 2019
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ADSL Broadband Leased Line

We can supply Install and Maintain your connection from a simple ADSL to broadband connection right through to a leased line with up to 1 gig download speed on Monthly contracts. Having all your IT needs catered for in one place means you no longer have to juggle who to call when there is an issue. One call to IT Tech Solutions does it all. All your costs wrapped up in one bundle. Keep it simple and take the stress from your IT.

From ADSL to Broadband to Leased line we can supply and install and manage your connection. IT Tech Solutions

Posted by It Tech Solutions on Friday, 23 August 2019
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Maintenance is the Key

Maintenance is the key

Maintenance is the Key to prolong equipment Life. Long-standing usage of your IT equipment such as servers and switches leads to the second main cause of failures behind hard drives, which is over heating due to little or no maintenance. Arguable the primary failure in hard drives will have a percentage caused by the same problem. Prolong your equipment life by taking a support contract which offers maintenance as part of the package. Facebook IT Tech Solutions