Category : Covid-19

So now we are trying to get back to a new type of normal. Who knows how this will be. Keeping our distance from each other whilst trying to work and eventually play. However we must look to the future as Covid-19 will be around for a long time yet and we have to find a way to function along side it. There are Millions of people who have already found a way and thankfully they have, yes there are risks but there are many things that are essential to our being, such as Healthcare, food, water and electricity and many many more and of course the a means to pay for these. The governments unprecedented package of support has been helpful to most people and sustained our lives but this won’t continue indefinitely so we have to make our plans, think about how we can get back to some sort of ‘normal’. The human condition of survival is what drives us forward, we will find a way. IT Tech Solutions can and will work around yourselves were possible to maintain distance and have many technical solutions to issues. There is often a solution that you hadn’t thought about.