Category : Covid-19

The impact of Covid-19 is now felt across the world and is undoubtedly the single most concern for everyone on the planet, and whilst we see the destruction occurring everyday to people’s families with high’s and lows of survival and death, you can never truly understand it till it happens close to you.

The only solution we have, at this stage, is to stay apart from each other, to protect each other, which goes against every grain of human nature, but we all know this is the only way and most are resolute in this which is amazing to see.

At some point the lock-down will slowly ease and a new type of normality will prevail which will still be alien to us. It must remain alien to us because the real normal must return eventually and we will need to be ready to embrace it when it does, to hold our families and friends closer than ever and take part in the normality of life, this is how we will win when things are as we remember them.

There are things we need to take from this time that must go with us into the future. The community spirit that has developed with people helping neighbours and the elderly local to them, looking out for each other and making sure people are OK, even staying in contact with family that do get put to the side sometimes as we all lead our very busy normal lives. We must not forget who turned out to be the most important to us, that is the front line workers of all aspects from the NHS to the truck Drivers without these people putting themselves at risk everyday who knows where we would be. The balance of wealth needs to be re addressed in the favour of the people that matter most to ensure they are looked after and can have a life of less financial worry whilst doing a job they love and know makes a difference.

So as we stumble along the road that has been laid out for us by Corona remember this, we will win and we will get back to our normal normality but lets make it a better normality, an inclusive normality a normality for all.