Has your Win10 Search box gone black

Has your Win10 Search box gone black? Does Search even work?
If you are experiencing issues with the search option on windows 10 there seems to be a good reason for that. Microsoft are changing things and as seems to be the norm these days we are all the testers. Read on https://www.computerworld.com/article/3519708/has-your-win10-search-box-gone-black-does-search-even-work.html

Fancy Learning To Program a Raspberry Pi?

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Fun Programming for Kids and Adults

Fancy learning to program a Raspberry Pi? Here is a list of Fun Raspberry Projects for Beginners from Techworld https://www.techworld.com/…/-fun-raspberry-pi-projects-for…/. The more you know the more you can achieve. These are a great introduction to programming for kids and adults alike.