Don’t Get Caught Out

Don’t get caught out, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Microsoft extended support ends January 2020

It really is time to start thinking about upgrading

We can design a plan for you to ensure upgrading and training are taken care of, to minimise the impact on yourselves and your business.

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Fed up with Windows based Issues?

Are you fed up with Windows? You may not be aware but windows is not the only platform to give you your working environment, with most things done cloud based these days a quicker platform that allows access to everything you need with out the dredge of waiting for Windows to load everything that you don’t use or need and then crashing and stopping as the resources are to low. There are alternatives that simply just work. No frills no fuss. Give us a call see what we can do for you.

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Raspberry Pi 4

The all new Raspberry Pi 4 , Bespoke solutions have an impressive new helper. Check it out Raspberry pi 4 info

BT withdraw analogue lines by 2025

BT withdraw analogue lines by 2025

BT are in process of switching from old analogue lines.

Upgrade to Voip and be ready. Contact us now.

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Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Windows 7 service pack 1, end of Extended support by Microsoft January 14th 2020

Time to start upgrading……Vulnerabilities start here

Don’t get caught out Give us a call today

Extended support info here

Windows 7 end of life Support

Windows 7 Support end of life 2020

If you are still running this it’s time to start to Upgrade

See Microsoft for more info click here